Roswell Day of Hope


Hope Roswell is thrilled to be able to offer the Roswell Day of Hope event this year. We hope you’ll plan to join us on Saturday, September 25th at Roswell City Hall as we celebrate the end of lockdowns and filled hospitals. You’ll find a festival style atmosphere with lots of fun options.

If you are in need of shoes, medical or dental assistance or  you’d like a nice new haircut, you’ll find it at the event. If you don’t need that assistance but you’re wanting to enjoy the outdoors, you’ll be able to sample local coffee flavors while strolling through the Art section. Local students will have their artwork on display and you can join in on the silent auction and take one home! (all proceeds benefit Hope Roswell) Of course there will be ‘live’ music, food trucks and games for the family.

This year, there’s a twist.  

Join us as we transform The Roswell Day of Hope from a one day event into a movement! We hope to create and inspire you with a mindset of serving our community year round.


You’re invited to come and learn how to serve your community throughout the year. God called us to love our neighbors and to serve one another. We’ve partnered with Roswell’s local non-profits and businesses to bring you a truly one of a kind event. You’ll have a chance to learn about each non-profits mission, needs, and most importantly how you can get involved. Are you genuinely loving your neighbor if it doesn’t cost you something?  We don’t always prioritize serving one another. Family or work commitments take up so much of our time. But we are blessed when we serve. Whether you serve with your time or your money, you will feel like you’re receiving something more than you’re giving.


The needs in our community and in our own backyard are great; helping seniors, at-risk youth, folks with mental health problems, our homeless neighbors or those who have been involved in human trafficking. Organizations will be in attendance to give you specific details regarding how you and your family can serve throughout the year.


Several reasons: It’s what we’re called to do by our Creator. It’s not always convenient to serve, but when you turn your focus from self to others, God steps in and makes it worthwhile.

There’s something unique about churches, from different denominations, serving the community together. Add local non-profits, businesses and local government to the mix and it becomes a truly remarkable event.

Learning how to best serve those around us combined with the free offerings we have for our neighbors in need, the Roswell Day of Hope shouldn’t be missed!  Upbeat LIVE music will help usher in the spirit of fall, accompanied by local artists displaying their masterpieces in a silent auction while you’re sipping coffee from local coffeehouses.

Whether you are volunteering at the event or attending as a guest, come and experience a fun atmosphere where families can enjoy time together.  Truly become a part of our community. 

See below, if you’d like to SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER.  Or just come and enjoy the day with us.

Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Positions Available

Click on the cross to the left of each position to view more information.

Volunteers will be needed to assist with setting up tables and chairs and miscellaneous team needs. A light dinner will be provided.

Volunteers will assist in un-boxing shoes and organizing them by gender. A light dinner will be provided.

*For the ART:

Silent Auction Assistants (need 2)

This role will need someone who pays close attention to detail and will be responsible for the guidance of those bidding on all art forms.  (Items are numbered and labeled to correspond with bidding sheets. They will also (with my assistance) contact the highest bidders in a timely fashion for pick-up and payment

Panel of Judges (need 3)

We will need 3 individuals who have a keen eye for art and will have the ability to select “Best” Student Artist based on style, form and visual creativity.  The winner will be announced on the podium at a decided best’ time and be called up to receive their award.

One volunteer will be available to translate if needed at the silent auction on how to bid and on collection of payments from the highest bidder if needed.

Second volunteer will be a floater to assist in the art area to answer question someone may have for the individual artist about their works

Art setup – Assistant Curators (need 1-2)

The Curators will assist the Artist with assembling and displaying their artistic collections in the designated areas for best viewing and visual appeal.  (Once all the art pieces are in, there will be a Display blueprint made available for the Assistant Curators to work from.)

*For the COFFEE (need 4)

Coffee Stroll volunteers will invite and encourage guests to sample coffee from 4 local coffee shop vendors and be available to assist the vendors with any needs that may arise with set-up, serving, and tear down.

This team is vital to the success of the day. You will be placed in areas where we need a last-minute volunteer. Maybe you’ll be waving signs on the street or maybe you’ll be counting guests as they arrive…many opportunities for volunteering.

Food Service volunteers will help serve a meal for the families who prefer a free meal instead of visiting the food trucks. They will assist families in carrying food to tables, etc. Hospitality is key. Volunteers will serve at water stations. These volunteers will also keep an eye on trash cans and make sure littering is taken care of.


If interested, please contact us at

 Guest Service volunteers will be the ‘face’ of the event. Smiling, happy people are preferred for this role. You will be welcoming guests as they arrive and will visit with guests throughout the venue with directional information.

Volunteers are needed to welcome guests and assist any families with children. Bilingual is a plus!

This team is responsible for a variety of free screenings and referrals for our guests. Free screenings such as hearing, blood pressure and blood sugar will be offered. Physicians will be available for those who may need them. If you are a medical professional and would like to volunteer, please email

The area will comprise of 4 age-specific stations, Bible story time location; as well as, fun activities and games. Helpers will monitor children in the different stations, handout treat bags, and assist with story time . Look forward to a day of fun with a birthday party theme.

Arrive at 10:00am

The Parking team will direct volunteers into the parking area and assist them with the shuttle buses. Parking will be at Roswell Presbyterian Church as well as Roswell United Methodist.

One attendant will be necessary in order to watch over specific parking spots for the Entertainers and Pastors at event site.

Our prayer team is vital to the success of the event. You’ll be praying with people from all walks of life. You are required to attend a mandatory training session. Dates TBD. You will receive an email with the dates after you register.

This team is definitely active! You will welcome guests and assist them in obtaining the shoes they need for themselves and family members. Runners are needed to gather the shoes.


*11:00am-2:00pm (20 volunteers for this shift)

*2:00pm-5:00pm (20 volunteers for this shift)

Bilingual volunteers are necessary in every area of the event. Volunteers will be assigned areas as they arrive. *PRAYER VOLUNTEERS, please sign up under the prayer category.

The Maintenance team will be responsible for last minute set up and ongoing site cleanup.

Arrive at 3:30pm 

This team will assist with breaking down the event, final cleanup and packing trucks. It’s extremely helpful to have fresh volunteers who can stay until the job is done. (3:30pm until possibly 7:00pm)

Arrive at 5:00pm 

Once the event wraps up, the U-Haul will be packed with tables, chairs and other items that need to be re-distributed to local churches after event.

This team will welcome volunteers to the event and give any necessary details needed for their area. This group will need to arrive by 10:00am and stay until 2:00pm.

The actors/actresses will be in costume (provided by Hope Roswell), acting out a Bible character. These volunteers must have an animated personality and be able to speak loudly.

Volunteer Registration Form

If you are interested in volunteering at the Roswell Day of Hope, please complete the registration form below.

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RDOH Handbill 2021
RDOH Handbill 2021 (Spanish)
2021 Bi-fold Brochure: Outside | Inside 
2021 Church Advertising Graphic (Coming Soon)



Roswell City Hall
38 Hill Street
Roswell, GA 30075

Event will take place on the Highway 9 side of City Hall, near the Memorial